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We answer every call, day and night. If something goes wrong, we will be there to fix the problem within 24 hours. If you need a special service, we'll be there. It's not just vending for us, it's a service that many businesses cannot live without.

Chicagoland's Most Dependable Vending Solution

Dependability and personalized service make Chicago Vending Solutions a leader in providing vending and micro market service to businesses in the metro Chicago area. We price our products super competitively and our service is free for your business.   100% Free Equipment & Free Service.

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Our up to date and energy efficient beverage machines are stocked with your choice of sodas, energy drinks, waters and fruit juices. Snack machines can be stocked with a variety of chips, chocolate bars, candies, cookies, energy bars, pastries and more. We’ll do our best to accommodate your special requests for hard to find products.

We accommodate businesses that want to incorporate healthy beverages, snacks and food items into their vending and micro market offerings.

Want to provide your employees or clients with a fresh cup of coffee?  At no charge, we can install a coffee brewer into your business and take care of all the maintenance when you order from our competitively priced coffee and tea catalogs.  Coffee, tea and supplies delivered right to your door.

For businesses with over 150 employees, check out our micro markets!

Keep things fast and secure!!

At your request, all of our vending machines can be equipped to accept credit cards with our PayRange App. Just download and enter your credit card information into the app one time or link to an existing digital wallet. Swipe up on the app to unlock your selections and swipe down when you’re done.


No need to deal with cash or make selections on the vending keypad.