Micro Markets

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Micro Markets are the future

Micro markets are very attractive to employers because they cost very little to install and maintain. Typically, the facility just provides a designated space, power and an internet connection. The setup, installation, restocking and technology are completely done by us. The micro market provides a bright, fun and value-add option for employees looking for a snack or meal at work that is easy to navigate, convenient and provides plenty of choice.

To use a micro market, the customer simply picks out the food and beverages they wish to purchase and pays by scanning the items at the self-checkout kiosk.

Employers who set up a micro market in their employee breakrooms can enjoy a variety of benefits including improved employee efficiency and enhanced company culture.

Amazing reasons to have a micro market


Provide employees with a contactless market without having to leave the building.

70% more Efficient

Save time by providing employees with access to a full line of food and beverages.


Growing trend towards healthier lifestyles.


Creates a lively, interactive space for employees and clients.


Locally sourced products from trusted suppliers.


Reduce vending machine maintenance problems.

Energy and Technology

Analyze the energy and technology requirements.


We partner with the best, fresh, locally sourced suppliers.

Quality Design

High quality sturdy construction and eye catching design.


Eliminates person to person contact and cash handling.

Design & Installation Services Free

Setting up a Micro Market can be a daunting process. Where do we place it? What are the electric needs? What products will be available? How are payments processed?

Let us answer all those questions and more. We analyze your available space and make the best recommendations. We will explain the entire process of a Micro Market from design, to installation, to day to day management of the market.